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Principles of excellence are those fundamentals that serve as foundational ingredients for attaining excellence.

1. VISION: Your vision is the map leading you to whatever you desire to achieve or become in life. A visionary man is an excellent man. Vision has a way of helping you living a life of excellence.

2. PASSION: Passion is that which deeply moves you to get what you desire. It stirs and compels you into action. Passion is at the core of excellence as it infuses the vigor needed to achieve the fulfillment of any endeavour.

3. DILIGENCE: Being successful at what you do can be very motivating and this can only be achieved through hard work. Life is full of twists and turns, but a diligent man cannot but excel no matter what.

4. INTEGRITY: When you have integrity, your words and actions mean a lot to people. Integrity increases the ability of man to live by what is right and acceptable at all times.

5. COMMITMENT: Commitment helps you to stand firm in the time of troubles and challenges. Absolute commitment to a particular goal increases your chance of accomplishing your dreams and purpose in life.

6. PERFECTION: Excellent people are perfectionists. They are never satisfy by anything that doesn’t meet high standard. Good is never enough when excellence is your target.

7. ORIGINALITY: Excellent people are inventors of great ideas and innovations. They don’t rely on the abilities of others to effect positive changes. They are the change agents and the originators of great possibilities.

8. SELF-DISCIPLINE: Excellent people are those who are able to overcome “self”. Self-discipline is an integral principle to living a life of excellence. If you lack self-discipline, you will forever be far away from excellence.

9. SELF-AWARENESS: Self-awareness is your ability to have personal knowledge of both your strength and weakness, ability and disability, and leverage the knowledge to your benefit and personal advantage.

10. CHARACTER: Excellence is the visa while your character is the passport. To live an excellent lifestyle you need quality character. It the character of a man that makes him what he is.

To be continued tomorrow as I discuss 10 IMPEDIMENTS TO A LIFE OF EXCELLENCE.

Living a life of excellence accords you some privileges that money, power and position cannot offer. Be determined to live a life of excellence from today.
Have A good sleep.
Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

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