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Life is a choice, and choice is equally life. Every human’s actions or inaction revolve around choices.

The totality and complete existence of man on earth starts and ends with choices; either those you made yourself or those made for you by others.

Every individual is a product of his or her past choices. The choice you make today will determine both the DELIVERABLES and outcomes your life will produce tomorrow.

It is not an accident that you are at where you are today, where you are is a product of your past choices.

At every moment or situation, it is important you rationalise your alternatives very well before making choices. Before you opt for a choice, it is important you weigh the pros and cons of every available option to ensure you are making the right and the best choice.

NOTE: One thing you cannot escape in life are moments of decision. It is either you make decisions or your decisions make you. However, it’s better to make decisions lest the decisions you fail to make make you.

It is your decision to determine what choice is best for you, even as you go out today.

I Wish You A Pleasant Day!

Rauf Caleb Godsplan

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