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  1. Meaning of Self-discovery
  2. Importance of Self-discovery
  3. Ways to achieve Self-discovery
  4. Impediments to Self-discovery
  5. Conclusion

Self-discovery is a process of identifying one’s personal traits and uniqueness.
It’s a personal journey into self identity and having right understanding about oneself in terms of strengths and weaknesses alike.
It doesn’t not matter how long a person lives, until he discover himself, he has not started living
Self-discovery is the ability of individual to know and understand the reason why he/she exists.
It’s the ability of individual to discover him/herself that leads to discovery of one’s purpose in life.
The greatest adventure anyone could ever embark on in life is a journey into SELF-DISCOVERY
For a man to be who God created him to be, he must fully discover his true personality.
No man can be himself or fulfil his potentials until the mission of self-discovery is fully accomplished.
Self-discovery is an important thing that everyone desiring to fulfil God-given purpose must be able to achieve.
Many people are yet to understand or recognize who they are, and as a result find it difficult to know what they really want to become in life.


  1. It helps us to trace our origin to our maker.
  2. It helps us to discover our purpose in life
  3. It help us to live a meaningful and successful life
  4. It helps us to make positive impact in the lives of people and im the society
  5. It helps us to fulfill our God-given purposes
  6. It helps us to finish strong and triumphantly
  7. It qualifies is for eternal rewards at the end of our race


  1. Knowing God and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour
  2. Identification of your gifts, special abilities and potentials
  3. Divine revelation and prophecies
  4. Knowledge of Self-discovery can come true visions and dreams
  5. Revelation can come through the Word of God
  6. Word of affirmation from close friends and relatives can help us to discover ourselves
  7. Self-assessment and personal observations


  1. Failure to know God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour
  2. Unhealthy comparison and competitive jealousy
  3. Copying other people’s lifestyles and peculiarities
  4. Lack of self-assessment and personal observations
  5. Inability to build necessary capacity and failure to develop yourself
  6. Failure to accept your your weaknesses and Personal uniqueness
  7. Excuses


Do you still struggle with your true self-identity? It could be because you are copying someone’s else identify. It is important that you recognize who you are, what you represent and what you want to achieve in life. Achieving the goal of self-discovery will launch you into a glorious experience of purposeful living.

The amount of personal knowledge a man has of himself, will go a long way to determine who he becomes in life. When you know who you are, no one will tell or call you who you are not.

Choose not to live in ignorance about who you are and what you can do. Decide today to discover more about yourself and to start on the journey of self discovery. My best recommendation – read your Bible. Without it, you may never know who you really are.
In the words of James Allen, “Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and man can find every truth connected with his being if he will dig deep into the words of God.”

By Mr. Gbenga Emiloju.

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