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‘WANTS’ are mere wishes or desires which gives an individual a comfortable life. ‘Wants’ are essentials as it may seem, but are also quite dangerous as to how they are handled by individuals.

‘Wants’ are nice, awesome, shows class, ‘who’s boss’, boosts ego (which we all see as good), but did you know it could be extremely dangerous and deadly when they are approached the wrong way? When one is ready to go extra-miles, beyond the capacity and capability of one’s level, above and more than that which one can afford; yes, it makes it dangerous.

Many people have met death because they want to ride exotic cars, roll and dive with the trend – even though they can’t afford it (mind you, I’m not against driving cars, building houses. In fact, I love them). They are ready to pay the price – “anything goes”. This is because of the wrong mentality and approach to ‘wants’, ‘wishes’, ‘desires’, ‘urge to feel among’ or simply GREED.

Note, the feeling to have it done (no matter what) is a step towards destruction – intentionally moving towards doom.

Everyone with his or her timeline. Why make someone rush you with theirs? Your younger one(s) making it today does not mean you won’t be successful. Instead of falling into the trap of ‘whatever it takes’, follow these steps

*Set Goals – have ample, rich, extensive vision. Tell it to yourself everyday, write it down, paste it on your wall, review it daily. This is what I want, this is what I’ll do, and how I’ll do it.

*Think BIG – have unrestrained and liberal thoughts and dreams of how to acquire something big, set date, time, and period.

*Courage – you have to face pain, oppositions, take risks, be able to make sacrifices to get the set goals done.

*Discipline – you have to be able to control yourself, thoughts, emotions and be legitimate. Get your big dreams acquired, yet be legitimate, follow rules, control yourself from what you want at every point in time. Forget about the trend, get your desired results first.

*Stay Focused – NEVER give up, neither give in to pressure. Be confident, it’s not what others think of you, it is the right thing underneath you. Don’t let whispers of people get into you. When you fail, try again; never give up.

*Keep good and right company – those who you follow or follows you are the major determinant of your life’s success. They are the one’s that lever you, they are your influence. So keep people of like-minds who are sane to help you get those goals achieved real quick.

Wants are wonderful, they give classical and epicurean lifestyle but they bring about failure and death when approached the wrong way.

– Peace Olugbemi🤪

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