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People ask the question, why is sex/is sex the bedrock of relationship. Some will ask is sex before marriage bad? This is one issue that has different views to it. To some people sex is the key to the Success of their relationship and also they feel that having sex before marriage is ok there is nothing bad there.

The world has so evolved that everyone is doing what they want nobody is interested in asking what the real truth is. The truth is this sex was designed by God for after marriage and not before marriage. And having sex without being married is a Sin. By the world has turned deaf ears to this and we see people diving into sexual immorality day by day. It has become normal. I am not here to condemn any one I just want to address one issue. For those who always ask me why sex seems to be the bedrock of relationships. It’s a choice if you want it to be, not every man wants a sexual relationship. And for those Sisters who will make a commitment not to have sex in a relationship but later fall for the pleasure of it I have something for you. Be Disciplined And Always Define Your Relationship When The Guys Come Around Tell Them This Is What You Want A Sex Free Relationship And Stand Your Ground If He Genuinely Loves You He Will Respect Your Decision. There is Love And There is LOVE. If he really loves you he will not want to do anything that will hurt you or harm you. So Listen To Me Define Your Relationship The Do’s And Don’t.

And For The One Who Feel Having Sex Before Marriage Is Ok. Look At Your Life As Young As You Are Not Yet Married And You Have Committed Series Of Abortions That Your Parents Are Not Even Aware Of. You Carry Contraceptives In Your Bag Up And Down And Take Them Like Sweets Forgetting That These Things Have Side Effects. Most Of You Have Literally Killed Your Own Child. When You Know You Are Not Ready Why Engage In It. For 5min Pleasure. Is This The Life You Want. Tomorrow You Start Having Complications In Child Delivery You Start Running Up And Down, That Is When You Remember There is A God Abi. Think About Your Life God Is Not Happy With You. Don’t Allow Sex Turn You To A Mother Before Marriage Makes You A Wife. Most Of You Come From Godly Homes With Their Fathers As Pastors And G.O’s But You’re Not Living A Godly Life. Stop Now Before It Is Too Late Before You Kill Yourself Or Damage Your Organs. Jesus Christ Is Calling You Stop Now RN. Don’t Say You Where Never Told I Just Told You. Amend Your Ways!!!!

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