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One of the many things I wish I knew early enough is the right perception about FIRST NAME and SURNAME.

Your first name is NOT the same as your surname. Your surname is your last name.

A good number of us were taught and grew up to answer the question ‘What is your name?’ with, first, our surname and then our (first) name.

Now, we have overtime believed our surname to be the same as our first name, but it is not.

It is, however, not too late to unlearn, right?

Have you not taken into consideration the way some persons write their names?

For example: Sam Adeyemi, Jim Tewe, John Obidi, Emeka Nobis, Paul Foh, Joshua Selman, Daniel Olabintan, David O. Lawal and my humble self, Joshua Oluwatoba.

However, if you desire to write or make your surname come first, there is no cause for alarm. Advisably, your surname should be in CAPITAL LETTERS.

For example, I can correctly write my name as Joshua Oluwatoba. Alternatively, it can be written as OLUWATOBA Joshua.

While some believe you add a comma after your last name (surname) IF it comes first, writing it in capital letters can save you of that ‘stress’.

This and many more are the things I dub #LittleButCounts.

By the way, please, note:

I’m ≠ Am;
My ≠ Mine;
There ≠ Their; and
Given ≠ Giving.

≠ means not equal to or not same as.

Yes, I know you know, but you still mix it up sometimes. Do take note.

I am Joshua Oluwatoba (O’toba Josh),

LittleButCounts Advocate✍️🙇.

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