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Your God-given abilities must pass these 3 tests:

TEST ONE: It must give glory to god: Whatever abilities you have discovered must be a type of gifts that glorifies God. If it does not, is it doubtful if it is a God-given gifts. People should see your good works and glorify God for what He is doing through your life. Jesus fulfilled His purpose to the glorify God. (Matt. 5:16, Luke 18:43, 2Cor. 9:13, Gal. 1:24)

TEST TWO: It must add value to others: Your gifts and existence must add value to others. Anything you do that does not add value to other people is not fulfilling God-given abilities. Every God-given gifts to mankind is to make the world a better place for all. (John 10:10, Act 9:39, Acts 10:38)

TEST THREE: It must make you a better person: Your God-given gift is part of God’s agenda to make you a better and relevant person. Efforts to fulfill your God-given purpose will directly or indirectly contribute meaningfully to your personal progress and, therefore, translate to making you a better person. Whatever you do that does not make you a better person might not be a God-given purpose for your life. (Phil. 2:6-11, Mark 16:19, Luke 20:42-44)

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