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The Issue Of Making The Right Decisions Can Not Be Over Emphasized. Life Is All About Decisions, Most Of You Would Not Be In the Situation You’re In Now If You Made The Right Decisions.

That You’re Making It In Life Or That You’re In That Messy Situation Is Because Of The Decision You Made.
Some People Don’t Even Know What They Want For Theirselves They Just Go Where Ever The Wind Pushes Them To You Have Zero Sense Of Responsibility To Know That This Is Your Life And You Need You Put Your Life In Order And Make Good Decisions That Will Make You To A Better Person.

You Are Responsible For What You Become Stop Wasting Your Life Doing Things That Don’t Add Value To Your Life. You Have The Freedom To Make Your Own Decisions And You Must Know That Freedom Comes With Responsibility Which Mean You Are Responsible For Whatever The Outcome Of Your Decisions Are,

And Responsibility Comes With Accountability Which Mean You Will Give Account Of Your Decisions It’s Impact On Your Life.

The Truth Is That Fake Life You Are Living, That Reckless Life You’re Living Will Profit You Nothing But Pain And Regrets TBH
You Have Built You Life One The Foundations Of Bad Decisions You Are Not Up To 20-25 You Have Done Series Of Abortions Living Recklessly And You Think It’s The Best Way Of Life.

You Have Been Used And Still In Use, Your Life Will Be Full Of Regrets If You Continue Like This TBH Make The Right Decision Now To Change And Become
Someone Better It’s Not Late Yet.
At This Young Age You Are Already Lost, Depressed, Defiled, Dejected and Not Desired By Anyone Because You Lived Recklessly Make Wrong Decisions.
Decisions Are Part Of Life
It Can Make You Or Destroy You
It Can Lift You High Or Bring You Down
Be Careful
Be Wise
Take Caution

By The Rabbi

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