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Prayer is a practice of communicating with GOD, it can also be liken to a heartfelt discussion with one’s maker, prayer is also known as orison.

With prayer comes miraculous work from God, to communicate with God we have to do earnestly (i.e with seriousness, determination, eagerness and intentness)Acts 12:3.

The devil smiles when we make plans, he laughs when we get too busy but he trembles when we pray. We don’t have to worry about anything instead we should pray about everything.

Tell God your needs by pouring out your heart to him and don’t forget to thank him for his answers

NOTE :Time spent in communion with God is never lost, no matter how busy, how occupied, how sick or how tired you are, set aside little time to talk to God. Communicate with him, have a father – child relationship with him.

Lay every actions you want to take at his feet, do not have your concert and tune your instrument afterwards.
Surrender all to him by asking for his guidance in everything you do and “whenever you feel swept off your feet it’s time to go back on your knees “.

Ilesanmi Blessing

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