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What Do You Want To Be Known For?

What impressions do you leave with people about you? Everyone is known for something; it’s either good or bad.

There are names that bring joy, peace and happiness when mentioned, while some names bring sorrow and discomfort.

When the name Lionel Messi is mentioned, some people be like, ‘ahh! the G.O.A.T! Same as CR7, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, to mention few.

The question is, whenever your name is mentioned, what comes to peoples mind? This is a serious question we all need to ask ourselves. What are you known for? Does your name bring good tidings or bad tidings? What impression does your name have on people.

I always tell people around me to always keep track of their lives. Always run a check. Ask yourself questions. Check to see if you are still in line.

Do people spit to the ground when your name is mentioned?

They say, ‘the name of a man goes before him’ which means there are places you’ve not gotten to that your name is already being mentioned there.

What picture is being painted about you in the minds of others. Don’t say “ehh whatever they like they should think about me. I don’t care”.

If you know what’s good for you, care; because your reputation matters. It matters how people around see you. It matters what they think, so, stop that nonsense thought of ‘I don’t care what they think’. Begin to put your life in order.

What if that was why you were never called back.
What if that was the reason you lost that contract.
What if that was the reason you were not chosen.
What if that was the reason why the deal was called off.
Think about it.

It’s not your village people at work. The root of the matter is in your.

Check your life. Ask yourself questions and put your life in order because no one will do it for you.

Build A Good Reputation. Your Name Will Live After You!!! What Impression Will It Have On The Generations To Come!!!

Think!!! Think!!! Don’t Fool Yourself. You Know You’re Not Living Right. You’re Guilty Of It. Change Is Possible!!! You Can Still Be Known For Great Achievements. It’s Not Too Late For You. There Is Hope! You Can Still Make A Good Mark On The Sands Of Time. Make That Choice Today!!!!

The Rabbi

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