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The Latin word for ‘Night’ is ‘Noctis’ which means ‘Darkness’.

Darkness symbolizes a world without God’s presence. The Spirit that comes upon your room at night is an evident manifestation of your thoughts and heart desires at that point in time of the Night.

When the creatures of the earth are silent and the sea and oceans are relaxed, when the sun has turned it’s back on the earth; what do you occupy your room with?

At this point in time, the physical appearance of your room doesn’t matter. We’re now looking at the spirit that has occupied your inner room as a result of the reflection of what’s on your mind in that given period of time.

There’s no doubt that most teenagers watch pornographic photos and videos and go extra mile to masturbate at night. Why? Because they have the thought in their heart and has allowed the spirit take possession of their environment.

Now, talking about the room, we vividly refer to the Heart as the Spiritual Room and the environment is your physical room. It is generally notable that something happens first in the spirit realm before physically manifesting itself.

This implies that at night, what you occupy the Spiritual room with reflects to the physical and it is at this point in time you have to guard your Spiritual room with all diligence; Proverbs 4:23 ‘ GUARD YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE, FOR OUT OF IT ARE THE ISSUES OF LIFE’ .

Don’t make the mistake of allowing the devil take God’s place in your room both Spiritually and physically. Don’t give devil the opportunity to destroy you by allowing him into your room.

When you think the devil is about to take over your mindset at night, Resist him and he will flee!

THINK ABOUT THIS: The Spiritual room at night is your heart; the physical room is the environment you lay your head on. Control your night Spiritually by occupying your mind and heart with God’s word.

• JEREMIAH 17:10
• HEBREWS 4:12
• MATTHEW 15:18-20
• JAMES 4:8
• PSALM 119:10
• PROVERBS 28:14

WilYson Uchenna

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