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The Universe Has Shaken Us To Awaken Us.

The universe has shaken us to awaken us but Some People still don’t get It.

The world is no longer how it used to be. Things have changed and will keep changing. The order of things are no longer as it used to be.

This is the era of awakening and self discovery. You are not permitted to live life without fulfilling your destiny. The race of destiny has began and the world needs solutions to it’s problems.

Humanity awaits the manifestation of your destiny. Can’t you see you hold the solution to the problems of this world?

The universe has shaken you to awaken you!!!
Wake up! You have slept enough! You have played enough! It’s time to make sacrifices. It’s time to enroll in the race of destiny.
The time is NOW!!!

It’s not just about making money but impacting lives, putting Smiles on the faces of people and bringing solutions to problems.

The Universe Has Shaken UsTo Awaken Us.
Wake UP!
Begin your journey!
Begin your Journey Of Destiny!

Don’t Live For Yourself.
Living for self will profit you nothing. Wake up! Destiny Is Calling… There is a gift in you for the world. Don’t keep it. Share it!

By The Rabbi

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