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I have never met a strong person with a smooth and interesting past.
Most strong people have been through a lot of things that is beyond description and narration.

Whenever you are in a messy situation. it’s either you absorb strength form it or it absorbs from you. Your approach to every situation will determine the result you get out of it.

What challenge are you faced with? Are you going through hard times and you are harboring the thought of suicide? Why not draw out strength from that challenge you’re faced with? Are you heart broken, why not draw strength from it.

Make a decision that no challenge will bring you down but rather you will soar over it. You can overcome depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, insecurity and pain if you brace up.

Decide to be in control because you can only draw strength out of that issue when you’re in control. Don’t chicken out! Don’t give up! Make a decision that this present situation will not get the best of you, you will smile again because there is a brighter future ahead.

Your story will inspire someone tomorrow. That dark and rough past will become an inspiration to people if only you don’t give up.

You have come a long way to give up now. Imagine sharing your experience with people and they’re also inspired and blessed.

Strong People Don’t Have A Smooth Past. You Were Created Strong To Withstand Any Situation. Believe This!!!

The Rabbi

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