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I always wonder at those who envy others. Why are you envious of your neighbour? That fellow’s success does not hinder yours. What God wants to do for you does not hinder what He is doing for someone else.
My blessings cannot hinder yours and yours cannot hinder mine. In fact, the only way my blessings can hinder your is if you are envious of me.

If instead of concentrating and praying for your own blessings, you put your attention on envying someone else’s, you won’t be blessed? Job 5:2 says that envy slays a silly fellow.

Instead of being envious of someone else who has been blessed by God, why not seek to lean from him/her? Note however, that you cannot learn from someone you resent.

Students usually find it difficult to learn from teachers they do not like. If someone else is making more sales than you for example, you have two choices; it’s either you envy the person (gossip about them and end up making yourself sad) or you rejoice with him/her (get close to them and learn their success strategies). You lose from the former and again tremendously from the latter.

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.” Romans 12:15
God’s standard is that you rejoice with those rejoicing.

If you find yourself unhappy when you see a particular person rejoicing, then you need to check yourself. whenever you feel envious of someone, make sure you pray for the fellow. When the devil sees that whenever he suggests envy to you, you respond by praying for the fellow, he will stop. You also cannot resent someone you pray for.

Bringing yourself to pray for that person will help you get over the envy. Then, you can begin to love the person genuinely.

Be truthful to yourself; if there is any fellow you envy, pray for that person now.

By Elder Emmanuel

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