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Unconscious Prisoners

Who are these people and how is it that they are unaware that they are prisoners? They Are Men and women living but not living to the fullest; struggling with one thing or the other.

They think they are living freely because they are walking freelh and are not being restricted by the authorities and have become ignorant to the actual things that hold them down, the things that restrict them.

They have become Prisoners of Sickness, Pain, Poverty, Depression, Heartbreaks, Anger and and bitterness. We take these things as part of life’s challenges. Yes! But when it becomes a thing of long continuance and repeated occurrence, you have become a prisoner to it.

You are living in sickness when the Price has been paid for your health and wholeness; living a depressed and bitter life when the Price for your Joy and Rejoicing has been Fully Paid for.

You are unconscious about this fact and your ignorance has made you a prisoner. You are depressed and you tell Yourself ” Well that’s how life is”. You are wrong. That’s not how life is. Life is beautiful and you made a decision. It’s one thing to be in a situation and it’s another to remain in it. The choice is yours.

You were built and created strong to be an overcomer.
It’s Time To Break Free And Out Of That Prison. You Have Stayed There Long Enough!!! It’s Time To Break Free, Free From Heartbreaks, Past Mistakes, Past Regrets, Sickness, Pain, Poverty, Depression, Anger, Procrastination And Bitterness.

The Word Of God In [Zechariah 9:12] ‘Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even today do I declare that I will render double unto thee’. Turn To Your Strong hold, You Prisoners Of Hope… There is Hope For You. Turn To The Light, Restoration awaits you if only you are ready to break free. The years you have spent unconsciously as a prisoner will be restored. There is hope for you my brothers and sisters. It’s Time! It’s Time To Be Free.

You Have Suffered Enough, You Can’t Continue Like This. Wake Up!!! Refuse To Be Held Up In Bondage Against Your Will. The Price For Your Freedom Has Been Paid. You Can’t Pay Twice. Yes, You Were Ignorant Of This Truth But Now You Know The Truth And It Shall Make You Free.
Choose To Be Free!!!!

By The Rabbi

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