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**** Marriage, between a man and woman is the foundation of all human societies. No one gets married hoping to be miserable or to make their spouse miserable and people do not get married planning to divorce but when God’s direction is being left out of in choosing who to marry there is a possible problem that will surely occur in the marriage because the devil hate the institution called MARRIAGE. The decision to get married will impact one’s life more deeply than almost any decision in life.

*** You might have heard or hear that; “Marry a man of vision and not a man of television” this is a good saying yet but half-truth. If it’s a man of television that will give you joy, peace, make marriage enjoyable and haven for you and God is leading you to marry him please do because you will never regret it.

*** There are a lot of Men of vision, full of vision, dreams and goals to be great in life but they are never good in marriage. Many of them, their vision, dreams, goals and connection has gotten into their head and make them never to regard their wife, marriage is just a fun to them. There are a lot of men of vision who are troublesome, full of bad characters and attitude, very proud of their vision and dreams, full of canal nature but you will never detect it because of the way they carry their vision, dreams and goals unless you have a discerning Spirit. That’s why seeking God’s face before saying yes to any brother is very important. Many women are in troublesome marriage now, suffering and lamenting because they never detected the bad characters, attitude, proudness and canal nature of the man they marry because of the way he carries his vision, dreams and goals that deceive them.

*** You as a sister need to be a woman of vision too for you to marry a man of vision. It’s the vision of him that you have that will make you fit in into his vision. Your vision must be in line with his vision to assist his vision that’s why the bible called you “help meet” or “helper”. Genesis 2:18; RSV, Then the LORD GOD said, it is not good that a man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him. Did you see or read that statement well ‘HELPER FIT FOR HIM’?
If you want to marry a man of vision, if you are praying for a man of vision then you must be a woman of vision and seek God’s face for a vision of him and his vision because you are coming to assist his vision. There is no man without a vision to be great, time and chances happen to them all because it takes a vision to buy a television. – Dr Adamson Micheal Phd. If a man doesn’t have a vision he cannot buy a television, the fact that the vision of a man is so small that you cannot see it does not mean he did not have a vision.

**** Many men of vision that you are watching on television their marriage is hell, their wives and children are not enjoying them. If you are in your sitting room watching men of vision with your husband television with peace and rest of mind, joy and happiness you have done yourself good and don’t ever regret it. Sisters please if brothers are coming your way for marriage, seek God’s face for each of them because the one you think you don’t love or like might be the person God is recommending for you that will give you peace, joy and restful marriage. Those who are in marriage now that will be sincere enough will let you know that being in love is not an adequate foundation for building a successful marriage if you don’t prepare for it the way it should be done. If God recommend a man of television for you instead of that man of vision which you think that person his and you accept God’s recommendation you have done a good bargain and do yourself good.

BROTHERS: Be a man of vision and don’t marry a woman without a vision, vision of you and your vision.

*** A vision is the bigger picture of what God has predestinated you to be. What you want to be known for, the set of experience and accomplishment you aim for. Your life’s vision defines who you want to be. Vision helps you to navigate your life and destiny, business, profession by defining what are your desires in each aspect of your life.

*** After you have accepted Christ as your personal lord and savior, making effort to develop your relationship with God; your almost desire and strive should also be a man of vision. Don’t chase sisters, chase vision – by Dr Adamson Micheal PhD. I have been called many names because of this issue, those who think I don’t want to get married make their selfish ambition to manipulate sisters to lust after me, some see different dreams, some came to me to introduce who they think who take care of me with her wealth and riches, some say am irresponsible and not a man yet until I get married, this people make effort to question any sister that they see me with, they will go after them at my back to get them interested in me, this people go about to tell any available sisters that I need a wife which I have never at any time discuss my marital life with them but I remain focus on my vision never minding what their father the devil is using them to do against me.

*** When you are a man of vision sisters will run after you, men of vision attract women, men of vision are like sugar that attract ant, sisters (women) are like ant that usually go after the sugar which are men of vision; so why running after sisters instead of vision. It is when your vision is becoming clearer and making impart you can then be praying for a woman of vision fit for you that will assist your vision with her vision. You can as well be praying for your marital life as you are working on your vision even if it has not yet make impact, it’s a time of preparation.

*** With your vision you can buy millions of television to watch those who they call men of vision with your woman of vision. Don’t give room to anyone to call you a man of television because that’s who they think you are, having nothing to offer humanity. It is part of human behavior to reject, overlooked, ignored, and deserted unripe fruit on a tree because it won’t be nutritional but immediately your vision begins to ripe people has no option than to notice and accept you. There are many sisters who are visionless, vision killers, lazy and Dull, they don’t have anything to offer a man then sex in marriage, all they know is about fashion, looking good, dressing to kill with nice perfume, going out with new dress every day; they don’t see anything good in the vision of the person they want to marry or get married too, all what they want is to be at center of attraction and when they don’t get money from you to do what they desire they become a problem to you. They will form issues out and go around to tell people how you are treating and unfair to them. I call them ‘materialistic sisters’ that’s why you need to seek God’s face earnestly in sincerity about that sister before you approach her to seek her hand in marriage.

*** The length, breath, and expansion of your vision can be determine by the woman you marry to fit into your vision with her vision. Please brothers you need to be conscious about the pressure of the people around you to give you who they think you can marry, this can be a disaster to your vision. No matter the pressure and how hard the people around you maybe in given you who to marry never fall for it or compromise. Some of this people are with the intention to make your marital life miserable, some are with the intention to boast that they are the one who gave her to you to marry. Listen!!!! All marriage cannot be the same that’s why you need to take responsibilities of your marital life in seeking God’s recommendation.

*** In choosing your woman of vision God’s recommendation is the best and surest not the recommendation of people around you. By Dr Adamson Micheal PhD.


Before you take that marital/relationship step, ask yourself

‘Is it God’s will for me?
‘Will it glorify God’s name?
‘Does it have eternal value?
‘What impact will it have on my eternity and on humanity? God bless you!!!


  1. Every power blocking the manifestation of my positive dreams and visions fall down and die in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Let every evil dominion delegated against me be dethroned in the name of Jesus Christ
  3. I cancel every negative prayer offered against me in the name of Jesus Christ
  4. My imagination and dreams will not be manipulated against me in the name of Jesus Christ
  5. Power to detect and destroy the bewitching skills of the enemy, come upon my life in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. Holy Ghost, provoke better things in my life in the name of Jesus Christ
  7. Let my ways, O Lord, be aligned to your divine road for me in the name of Jesus Christ

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