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“All successful achievement starts from definiteness of purpose”Napoleon Hill.

For you to live a meaningful and successful life, you must determine exactly what purpose you want to achieve with your life, then set goals that are necessary to attaining it.

Definiteness of purpose is to captivate an enduring capacity for believing the possibility of what you want and allowing nothing whatsoever to change your mind.

Two among important decisions you must make in life are to decide what you want to achieve with your life and be determined to achieve it without allowing anything to stop you.

Never live your life on chances. It is your sole responsibility to be definite about your life purpose and put in place relevant goals to attain the fulfillment.


It’s never too late to decide what you want to do with your life. A life without a definite purpose is nothing but a waste adventure.

I wish you a purposeful week. Gbenga Emiloju(DMPII)

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