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Sometimes in 2018, I was invited to speak at the Youth Convention of a particular church on the topic A Man Without God: A Potential Without Purpose. For me, any opportunity to speak to the youths is a privilege I don’t take lightly, so I prepared a powerful message.

As I was speaking, I made a statement that got the atmosphere electrified: “Prepare for your future, for a future you do not prepare for would embarrass you when you get there.” This statement caused a pyramid shift in their thought patterns and awoke their curiosity to the importance of my message. Till today, many of them are still very connected to me.

If I may ask you, considering the ways and manners you are living your present life, do you think the future will smile on you when you get there? Are you working hard and sacrificing enough in the present to secure a better life for yourself and your family in the nearest future?

Having a secured and settled future is a function of five primary factors:

  1. Adequate Preparations,
  2. Effectiveness Planning,
  3. Deliberate Intention,
  4. Purposeful Actions, and
  5. The Grace of God.
    These five factors are predominant and unavoidable if one would ever have a taste of a blissful future.

Worth Thinking About
To be successful and have a secured future requires that you succeed in something meaningful, legitimate and purposeful. Your journey to a greater future won’t begin until you start preparing for it.

Aspiring for a settled and secured future requires adequate preparation. The future you don’t prepare for would embarrass you when you get there. – Gbenga Emiloju.

I Wish You A Wonderful Day!
Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

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