About Us

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MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of Impart Media is to spread the Word of God through articles, music and images


The Vision of this MEDIA is to utilize Social Media as a means to help proclaim the GREAT COMMISSION.

We are to work diligently to promote God’s message of love, salvation and redemption.

The MEDIA is committed to bringing “Good News” to our audience each day with the hopes that it will Impart and touch hearts, change the lives of the audience.

By sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will help lead souls to Christ all over the world.


To develop and online TV that educate, enlighten and inspire.

To promote post, articles, and activities that's will improve Christianity in all walks of life.

To facilitate training conferences and seminars which help viewers and belivers in general to become more effective leaders in their churches and communities.

To expose young people, particularly youth-at-risk, to the Social Media utilization for evangelization.

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